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ABN: 19 125 5565 526

Office: 55A Old Clare Road, Ayr 4806

Phone:0421 442 560

Tropical Aqua Blast is underpinned by our business values, demonstrated efficiency's and reliability while maintaining a high standard of work supporting organisation structure and key results.

The following information is an outline of our previous experience, working for government bodies gaining comprehensive knowledge of vegetation control and traffic control ensuring that business needs and legislative compliance are met. Our dedicated and highly skilled workforce is the cornerstone of providing the best possible services required.

Tropical Aqua Blast's services, which span across Queensland supports customers across the industrial, urban development, Local Government and irrigated agriculture sectors including the following:

  • slashing and spraying of approximately 26,000kms of roads and highways both RMPC and Council roads
  • approximately 12,000kms of drains, channels, pipelines and storages
  • approximately 4,000kms of Queensland Rail Corridors and level crossings per year

Placing our client needs first by ensuring efficient and reliable completion of work using the latest equipment and technology. All work undertaken is compliant with Tropical Aqua Blast Business Management System Standards including Quality Assurance, WH&S and Environmental management requirements.

Leading the way in vegetation control solutions, Tropical Aqua Blast has built an exceptional track record of achievement placing us amongst the most successful vegetation control companies in Australia.
With the latest equipment and technology in vegetation control including slashers, 6.5 metre boom mower, zero-point turn mowers, 600 litre Quick Spray Units and four stroke powered tools including whipper-snippers, blowers as well as onsite fully stocked maintenance vehicles to minimize down time.

Tropical Aqua Blast maintains an established business relationship with local suppliers for purchase and servicing of machinery and supply of spare parts, consulting, training while engaging accredited Traffic Management controllers when required. With the knowledge and help of local suppliers this has assisted the setup of our equipment with the required layout to ensure future projects and contracts run efficiently.

Operating across Queensland we have a proven history of growth and leadership in delivering vegetation control solutions and adhering to safe work practices and operating procedures for the operation and use of plant and machinery. Gaining comprehensive knowledge of vegetation control supported by ASSA (Advanced Safety Systems Australia), OH&S (in association with Lisa Garland OH&S consultant, including Jonathon Pearson of Chem.-Cert Australia), ensuring business needs and legislative compliance are met. Tropical Aqua Blast and Vegetation Control is a member of Land Care Australia.
It is our obligation to identify systematically any hazard or potential hazard in the workplace and to assess the potential risk of harm from these hazards. An implemented Work Health and Safety Management System is part of our risk management strategy to ensure a safe workplace, ensure legal compliance and achieve best practice in Work Health and Safety management.
Tropical Aqua Blast has implemented a COVID-19 Coronavirus Contingency Plan into our Operations with social distancing, personal hygiene, and plant and equipment sanitising protocols in place.


Scope of Work:

  • Slashing & Reach Mowing, Whipper Snipping, Mowing, Land Clearing and Heavy Vegetation Control.
  • Slashing of roads, highways, rail corridors, access tracks, pipelines, channels etc., utilising the latest technology, abiding to all OH&S compliance's.
  • Reach Mowing of Batters, Drains, Channels, Banks etc. 
  • All poisons of any application from broad acreage, guide posts, poisoning of batters, drains/overpasses and storage facilities.
  • Ground crews mowing, whipper-snipping and herbicide spraying.
  • Forest mulching of saplings and trees up to 250mm.